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A connected robot of one’s own

Azahara Cerezo Remedios Zafra published “A connected room of one’s own” in 2012 (in Spanish in 2010), an essay which critically explores the redefinition of private spaces as nodes. It also focuses on their relationships with a possible new conformation of the self and its emancipation within this public-private scene marked by the Net. “A […]

The life before us (TRUD)

Maria Colina Perez I would describe my method of video manipulation as a sadistic one, that is how I prefer to react on media aggression.TV and Internet both overloading viewers with information and every participant of that process tries to get your attention and my way to stand against that is trying to operate with […]


Louise Harris Indusium is an exploration of additive compositional process. Groups of material are added to and extended by step, the visuals reflecting the changing timbral colours caused through unexpected crossovers in pitch and rhythm. Bio Louise Harris United Kingdom Louise Harris is an electronic and audiovisual composer. She is also Lecturer in Sonic […]

PiksteriaLab 2014 – Concert

Marc Dusseiller, Paula Pin, Adegreden Donora, Budi Prakosa. PIKSTERIALAB CREW CONCERT 8-Bit Mixtape started from a fun session of Budi Prakosa, Andreas Siagian and Marc Dusseiller exploring the possibility of using BabyGnusbuino, a simple microcontroller that was developed by Anyma. The idea was to create a synthesizer from an affordable programmable chip that is playful […]

Big Data Wall Fillers

Birgit Bachler The project Big Data Wall Fillers is an attempt to make abstract datasets more accessible for domestic use, by processing them into decorative wall paper. The datasets used so far contain the following datasets: Benthic infauna (marine ecology – critters in the sand/mud flats) in Waitem/Manukau/ Kaipara harbours Nuclear power plants worldwide and […]

Documentary HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta

European Premiere Citizen science has long contributed to the health of local communities by making people aware of their environment in the form of oral histories and traditional wisdom. Recently, the effort to democratize science created opportunities for innovation and a model for public participation in science. These movements rippled into many things such as […]

XXLAB – WATI: The Domestic Hacking Project

WATI: The Domestic Hacking Project Wati is an imaginary figure whose name was taken from our school textbooks, a once common Indonesian name representing the female identity. To us, Wati is the quintessential Indonesian woman. The name’s popularity has since declined as parents prefer more “modern” names. Time has got the better of Wati, but […]