Endless Plane.

The Dimensions of Space and the Art of Projection. Ida Hiršenfelder The space of video projections has the potential of becoming an endless universe in which three-dimensional exterior may be presented with two-dimensional or even three-dimentional interface. Understanding that the video formats are an ever-changing standard that follows the line of hi-res illusions of the […]

OpenLAB an experimental meatspace community

Richie Cyngler OpenLAB is an inclusive collective of artists working with technology in Melbourne Australia. We have been running events, performances, exhibitions etc for the past three years. A range of practitioners both local and global have attended and presented at our events including Miller Pucket, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Robin Fox, Dylan Martorell, Sarah Jane […]

On the creativity of primitive organisms

Theresa Schubert In her presentation Theresa Schubert will give an overview about working with the single cell organism Physarum polycephalum. As a biological curiosum, this type of slime mould serves as a model for network optimization and cell motility. It can be interpreted as an ‘agent’ who distributively solves geometrical problems. Starting point for her […]


-An exploration of generative design through self-repeating algorithms Anders Hoff Inconvergent is a generative algorithms project. The project consists of nearly 10 different algorithms, and is a fusion of computer aided design, mathematics and art. Code is used to mimic and visualize various natural (or unnatural) phenomena. The initial challenge is to define a minimal […]

Moss FM

Fabienne Felder Development of a radio powered by moss, using photo microbial fuel cells. Photo-MFCs essentially use plants as biological solar panels. With the radio “Moss FM” this technology has for the first time powered an object requiring more electricity than a simple LCD. And for the first time (to our knowledge) capacitors and batteries […]

Embedded Art System

Malte Steiner, Wolfgang Spahn Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn are exploring the artistic potential of embedded open source systems. These platforms gives the possibility to combine quite a lot of independent devices to create a more powerful system than most single computer can provide. Open Source and Open Hardware gives the possibility to access all […]