Maria Colina Perez

I would describe my method of video manipulation as a sadistic one, that is how I prefer to react on media aggression.TV and Internet both overloading viewers with information and every participant of that process tries to get your attention and my way to stand against that is trying to operate with media material as with toy to entertain me by destroying its original intension.Music which is used in that video is a Russian band called TRUD and the track called The life before us.


Maria Colina Perez

2001 – 2003 Institute of information technologies, economics and management
2008 – 2010 Cervantes Institute / Spanish language & culture
2012 High school of art practices and museum technologies at Russian State University of the Humanities / Art critic
2013 University of Tartu webinar on Semiotics with Elena Grigorieva
2013 Harvard on-line course Justice with Michael J. Sandel
2013 – 2014 The institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow

//Group exhibition:
2013 Product of the system, Piksel Bergen
2014 Media neurosis, Perception transfers. From analog to digital curated by Roland Schoeny, CCA Sokol, Moscow
Soap Soap, Wherefore – whycurated by Dasha Chapkovskya, Odinzovo
Product of the system, Not a museum* Laboratory of aesthetic suspicions
parallel programm of Manifesta 10, curated by Vladimir Logutov, The first cadet corps, Saint Petersburg
Under cover, Field Work, curated by Andrey Parshikov, Muzeon Park, Moscow
Under cover #2, Atplay, Student Art Prom, Parallel project of The IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Artplay, Moscow

ICA Moscow/Goldsmiths Exchange program, London 25 May – 2 June
ICA Moscow/Goldsmiths Summer Residency sponsored by the Tsukanov Family Foundation, Moscow and Vishniy Volochek, 18 July – 6 August