Louise Harris

Indusium is an exploration of additive compositional process. Groups of material are added to and extended by step, the visuals reflecting the changing timbral colours caused through unexpected crossovers in pitch and rhythm.



Louise Harris
United Kingdom
Louise Harris is an electronic and audiovisual composer. She is also Lecturer in Sonic and Audiovisual Practices at The University of Glasgow.
Louise specialises in the creation of audiovisual relationships utilising electroacoustic music and computer-generated visual environments. Her audiovisual work has been performed and exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Sound and Music Expo, Leeds (2009), AV Festival, Newcastle (2010), Musica Viva Festival, Lisbon, Portugal (2011), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Huddersfield (2011), Naisa SOUNDplay festival, Toronto, Canada (2011), Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg, France (2012, 2013, 2014), Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway (2012), Sonica Festival, Glasgow (2013), International Motion Festival, Cyprus (2013) and the Linux Audio Conference, Graz, Austria (2014).