UKI – Enter The Bionet

a collective biogame. Shu Lea Cheang We are infected. We are the virus. We enter the BioNet. Sign on as UKI virus to play the game. Infiltrate the BioNet. Sabotage the Production. Your heartbeat, your blood flow, your emotion, your actions are your assets to join the UKI bio-game. HACK and PLAY. WIN or LOSE. […]


Davide Bevilacqua, Alberto Boem Ursuppe (“primordial soup” in German) is a project about the autonomous development of complex hybrid systems that functionally combine together unities of organic or inorganic material, organizing them in a network of communication and mutual influences. The research is focused on the disposal of a set of artificial elements in a […]

Echo 10-9

Robertina Šebjanič, Ales Hieng – Zergon Audiovisual performance with ferrofluids, nanofluids and analog synths ​Photo by Boštjan Lah (Kibla archive) The sound-video performance echo 10-9 takes place on the nano and micro level. With a clear analog esthetic it demonstrates the formal characteristics of materials, which are transformed on the spot, creating ambient a/v […]

PiksteriaLab 2014 – Concert

Marc Dusseiller, Paula Pin, Adegreden Donora, Budi Prakosa. PIKSTERIALAB CREW CONCERT 8-Bit Mixtape started from a fun session of Budi Prakosa, Andreas Siagian and Marc Dusseiller exploring the possibility of using BabyGnusbuino, a simple microcontroller that was developed by Anyma. The idea was to create a synthesizer from an affordable programmable chip that is playful […]

Phase Space

Erin Sexton, 2014 Between ritual and experiment, phase space is an audio/visual performance wherein I search for emergent sonic phenomena, trans-physical resonance, and distortions in space-time. A feedback network of tactile electronics interfaces with the chemistry of electrolysis, using salt solutions as signal processors while transforming their molecular structure. Perception is expanded as a live […]

Thêta Fantomes

Floss+Art+Game – brain waves and frequencies battle APO33 Collective (Romain Paion, Amandine Néhou) Brain waves are very much subject to fantasy and imagination. Advances in science over the last 50 years have made it possible to read the number of hertz per minute produced by our different areas of the brain and their various modulations […]

Embedded Artist

Malte Steiner, Wolfgang Spahn A media performance by Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn, 2014 Industrial noise and digital sound processing meets multi space projections: “Embedded Artist” is a media performance by Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn. The performance combines four different layers of visions that are merging into one visual Gesamtkunstwerk: 3D models, video scratching, […]


Kasia Justka \\no computer //pure electricity \\waves //analog Oscilating sounds into the images and other way around \\feedback //glitch \\ light Bio Kasia Justka Poland Berlin based multi media artist. Her work capitalises on her obsessions with the medium of electricity. Her art can be seen as invocations to the vast power inherent within […]

Shared Buffer #X

Alexandra Cardenas, Alex McLean, David Ogborn, Eldad Tsabary Shared Buffer #X will be a live coding improvisation by a quartet of globally distributed performers (Bergen, Norway; Sheffield, UK; Hamilton ON, Canada; Montreal, Canada), all working on a single piece of shared code. The performance uses Tidal, a mini live coding language that represents polyphonic sequences […]


Louise Harris This audiovisual performance will be the next stage in the evolution of the piece intervention:coaction, first performed under the heading ‘untitled 2012’ at PikselX. The project is a live, audiovisual, beat-and-noise-based performance work. The intention is to create a symbiotic system, in which live decision making by the performer impacts on both the […]

just now …

Dr Nexus … and never before or after … Bio Dr Nexus Germany Dr. Nexus is world wide well known for his punk ass attitude which pretty much already there describes his approach on “music”. The set-up to pull this off is in a constantly changing mode. It is based on several open sourcehardware elements […]

Livecoding Improv

Hlöðver Sigurðsson This improvisation will be performed using Overtone where my goal is to use my own dynamic programmable sounds that can be transposedin algorithmic manner harvesting the power of high level programming language and the sound engine from Supercollider. Bio Hlöðver Sigurðsson Hlöðver Sigurðsson(b.1989) is a computer musician and composer fromReykjavik. He’s currently studying […]