Birgit Bachler

The project Big Data Wall Fillers is an attempt to make abstract datasets more accessible for domestic use, by processing them into decorative wall paper. The datasets used so far contain the following datasets:
Benthic infauna (marine ecology – critters in the sand/mud flats) in Waitem/Manukau/ Kaipara harbours
Nuclear power plants worldwide and their distance to Wellington/NZ
New Zealand Police: Designated terror entities data
2013 Earthquake Data Wellington
I see Screensavers as the digital equivalent of wallpaper and will develop a screen-based iteration of these works for the Piksel conference, possibly generating new artworks with Bergen/Norway-related datasets.


Birgit Bachler
Birgit Bachler is an Austrian new media artist, designer and researcher based in Wellintgon (NZ). She has a background in audiovisual art, critical information design and playful code.