Stian Remvik

“Neighbours” is an animation based on “cellular automata”. More specifically “Wolfram elementary cellular automata”.

A cellular automaton is a discrete model studied in computability theory, mathematics, physics, complexity science, theoretical biology and microstructure modeling. Wolfram Elementary Cellular Automata is the simplest class of one-dimensional cellular automaton. For each frame in the animation, each cells state (0 or 1, black or white) is determined by it’s own and it’s neighbours states, according to a regularly changing ruleset. The neighbourhood is defined by the value of the cell to the left, the cell to the right and it’s own value. Each cell is a “Raspberry Pi” computer and a screen which is connected through a local network. The software is developed with “Open Frameworks”.

It is supported by Bergen Kommune and developed at BEK (Bergen Center for Electronic Arts).



Stian Remvik
Stian Remvik has a bachelor in design from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, with specialization in visual communication. He also has a certificate in graphic design and have worked in an advertising agency. The last couple of years he has worked with software development and design in the fields animation, interaction, videogames and other creative applications. Mainly using “Open Frameworks” and “Max6”.