en Spesiell Gruppe Mobiler/ Special Mobile Group

Øyvind Mellbye en Spesiell Gruppe Mobiler/ Special Mobile Group (2012) Stone,wood, cellphones, shellac and watercolor on mdf / 40cm x 45 cm x 14cm Special Mobile Group consist of 8 cellphones arranged in a frame with watercolor painting on one side. The phones are set up in continuous dialogue. Sounds and ambience is picked up […]

Opptatt/Vent/Komminn (nice touch)

Øyvind Mellbye Opptatt/Vent/Komminn (nice touch) (2014) Electronics, light filters and installation materials (20cm x 12cm x 4cm) In its striking simplicity this device provides you with information on the current availability. The display flickers as the button is pressed and stops at a semi-random statement when the button is released. Bio Øyvind Mellbye http://www.yvind.net Norway […]