Øyvind Mellbye

en Spesiell Gruppe Mobiler/ Special Mobile Group (2012)
Stone,wood, cellphones, shellac and watercolor on mdf / 40cm x 45 cm x 14cm

Special Mobile Group consist of 8 cellphones arranged in a frame with
watercolor painting on one side.
The phones are set up in continuous dialogue. Sounds and ambience is picked up and amplified through a feedbackloop due to the phones position in relation to one another. (fig.1) The sculpture uses 24 hours of communication in 3 hours



Øyvind Mellbye
Øyvind Mellbye was born in 1985 in Oslo, where he lives and works. He was educated at Bergen Art Academy (2010) and works primarily with sculpture, sound and installation- His recent projects include Mal Alt! (Grind everything!), a solo exhibition at Hammerfest National Art Festival, 2013, Fjellseilas (Mountain Voyage), a permanent outdoor work at Andørja, Norway, and Slepebrøler, a public concrete ghettoblaster anyone may connect to and play their music out loud.