Markus Decker, Pamela Neuwirth, Franz Xaver Ghostradio is a physical mechanism that generates random numbers through chance. Cyber-culture has become problematic for our democratic societies. Instead of using digital technologies for social development, a panopticon powered by supercomputers has been created. Internet communication gets copied for content analysis by spy agencies and corporations. At the […]

DEL?No, wait!REW

Michaela Lakova DEL?No, wait!REW is an automatized system, which recovers files from hard drives without the consent or the knowledge of the previous owners, who presume their content has been forever deleted. DEL?No, wait!REW asks is it possible to delete information in the digital age?Whether our storage devices are locally present (hard drives) or dislocated […]

Ultrasonic Vision

Egil Paulsen Ultrasonic Vision (2013) is an interactive project consisting of a pair of goggles that allow users to navigate through space with the help of sonar technology. By replacing vision with tactile feedback, I investigate how perception of space can be felt rather than beheld. With the help of ultrasonic sensors, the goggles emit […]

Solar sculptures

Egil Paulsen Nature gives way to speciation depending on the building blocks it can offer. Only by the decades, enormous amounts of plastic, silicon and metals has been dug up, refined, and put into circulation. It has been said that we are the genitals of our technology. We exist only to improve next years model. […]

en Spesiell Gruppe Mobiler/ Special Mobile Group

Øyvind Mellbye en Spesiell Gruppe Mobiler/ Special Mobile Group (2012) Stone,wood, cellphones, shellac and watercolor on mdf / 40cm x 45 cm x 14cm Special Mobile Group consist of 8 cellphones arranged in a frame with watercolor painting on one side. The phones are set up in continuous dialogue. Sounds and ambience is picked up […]

Opptatt/Vent/Komminn (nice touch)

Øyvind Mellbye Opptatt/Vent/Komminn (nice touch) (2014) Electronics, light filters and installation materials (20cm x 12cm x 4cm) In its striking simplicity this device provides you with information on the current availability. The display flickers as the button is pressed and stops at a semi-random statement when the button is released. Bio Øyvind Mellbye Norway […]

Shared Buffer #X

Alexandra Cardenas, Alex McLean, David Ogborn, Eldad Tsabary Shared Buffer #X will be a live coding improvisation by a quartet of globally distributed performers (Bergen, Norway; Sheffield, UK; Hamilton ON, Canada; Montreal, Canada), all working on a single piece of shared code. The performance uses Tidal, a mini live coding language that represents polyphonic sequences […]


Louise Harris This audiovisual performance will be the next stage in the evolution of the piece intervention:coaction, first performed under the heading ‘untitled 2012’ at PikselX. The project is a live, audiovisual, beat-and-noise-based performance work. The intention is to create a symbiotic system, in which live decision making by the performer impacts on both the […]

just now …

Dr Nexus … and never before or after … Bio Dr Nexus Germany Dr. Nexus is world wide well known for his punk ass attitude which pretty much already there describes his approach on “music”. The set-up to pull this off is in a constantly changing mode. It is based on several open sourcehardware elements […]

Endless Plane.

The Dimensions of Space and the Art of Projection. Ida Hiršenfelder The space of video projections has the potential of becoming an endless universe in which three-dimensional exterior may be presented with two-dimensional or even three-dimentional interface. Understanding that the video formats are an ever-changing standard that follows the line of hi-res illusions of the […]

OpenLAB an experimental meatspace community

Richie Cyngler OpenLAB is an inclusive collective of artists working with technology in Melbourne Australia. We have been running events, performances, exhibitions etc for the past three years. A range of practitioners both local and global have attended and presented at our events including Miller Pucket, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Robin Fox, Dylan Martorell, Sarah Jane […]

On the creativity of primitive organisms

Theresa Schubert In her presentation Theresa Schubert will give an overview about working with the single cell organism Physarum polycephalum. As a biological curiosum, this type of slime mould serves as a model for network optimization and cell motility. It can be interpreted as an ‘agent’ who distributively solves geometrical problems. Starting point for her […]