Kelly Jaclynn Andres

The Temporary Archive of Ambiguous Architecture (2012-2014), is a series of experiments with rapid prototyping techniques and living fungi. The first part of the archive system (Archive 1, math & mycelium) uses a modified rep rap printer that is programmed to print with agar and mycelium spores when it senses vibrations in its immediate environment (as an analogy to fungi sensing behaviour in the earth). The printer prints the mycelium into pre-programmed math patterns as a starting point for the mycelium to then grow its own emergent micro-architectures from. Archive item 2, mapping-modelling-mapping, are a series of touchable 3d prints modelled from mycelium patterns, displayed on a light-table and Archive item 3 is a video that uses DIY 3d scanning and open source animation software to model and describe the artistic process involved in creating the archive.


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Kelly Jaclynn Andres
Andres’ work has been exhibited at the Science Gallery, Dublin (with the Grafting Parlour), M:ST Performance Art Festival, Calgary, Free Radio Banff, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Babel Art Gallery, Norway, ISEA 2008, Singapore, Signal and Noise, Vancouver, CONFLUX 2007, New York, The Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge. Andres has had residences at Media Lab Prado, Madrid, e-MobiLArt (Greece, Finland, Austria), ISEA 2008, Singapore, Studio XX, Montreal, The Banff Centre and the Banff New Media Institute, and Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim Norway. Her work has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Alberta Ecotrust. She completed an Interdisciplinary MA at the University of Lethbridge in 2008 and will begin an Interdisciplinary PhD at Concordia University, Montreal, in Fall 2009.