Servando Barreiro

In this workshop, among other more advanced things, the attendants are going to learn the basic building blocks of a classic synth.

Concretely we are going to study and hack a clone of the beautiful and simple ¨moog werkstatt¨ synth which is an experimental limited edition synth. As it´s name indicates, this is a perfect synth to hack, improve, modify and also to learn about basic ¨clean¨ analogue subtractive synthesis.

This synth it´s simple yet quite powerful and has a very nice sound, It also has many many different possibilities of ¨hacks¨ which I will suggest or explain under request during the workshop.

More possibilities of this workshop are to build a physical interface using an arduino board and / or making a totally stand- alone hardware synth using a raspberry pi model B or greater embedded computer. Also we can use any touch OSC enabled tablet/phone whatever to tweak the parameters of the synth, create a collaborative networked performance or use a usb joystick to create a playful sonic controller. Just choose your tools and be ready to oscillate!!.