Fabienne Felder

Development of a radio powered by moss, using photo microbial fuel cells. Photo-MFCs essentially use plants as biological solar panels. With the radio “Moss FM” this technology has for the first time powered an object requiring more electricity than a simple LCD. And for the first time (to our knowledge) capacitors and batteries have been trickle-charged with mosses.

The radio was conceived as a Master’s graduation project by Fabienne Felder in collaboration with scientists at the University of Cambridge. The approach to the project was very much DYI in terms of the development of the cells as well as experimentation with plants and materials. The design of Moss FM therefore also retained an experimental language.


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Fabienne Felder

Fabienne Felder is a creative strategist and designer. Her career started in a Swiss idea factory and later led to advertising. In 2009 she decided to become a designer in order to create things, rather than market what others had created. So she went back to university and eventually graduated from a Master in product design in 2013. Fabienne’s Master project was “Moss FM”, the world’s first plant powered radio, which has enjoyed great press and social media attention since the beginning of 2014.