Romain Papion

APODIO is a free computer operating system towards artists and new designers, alternative to microsoft and apple, created in Nantes in the APO33 Lab. It is the new generation of a free and creative computer science.

The new version 10 will be based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
Real swiss-army-knife software for audio, video, graphics, or 3D, Apodio is ready to use for a live an exhibition a performance or in a studio.



Romain Papion
artistcoder – APO33
Nantes, France,

Multimedia Developer in the artist collective APO33 – Technical support La Plateforme Intermedia (La Fabrique / Apo33) – Visiting Lecturer at l’Iut de la Fleuryaie, Nantes Carquefou
Recent Exhibitions :BOT : Multiplication du Phénoméne, La Gaterie, Roche sur Yon (FR) 2014 / BOT : EXOART, L’Atelier (1 rue de Chateaubriand) – Nantes (FR) 2013 / Bot : OpensoundLondon, Avairy Studios – London 2013